Affordable SEO Consultant In Connecticut

Connecticut SEO Freelance Consulting

Glastonbury, CT 06033



  • I provide SEM Services including SEO, Local SEO, Technical SEO for Google, Google Adwords PPC management, SEO site audites, WordPress site speedups, Internal Linking, Yoast SEO and other SEM services.  I have over 13 years digital marketing experience providing freelance consulting services.
  • I am currently accepting new clients.  Whether you need to rank higher in Google, would like more keywords ranked in Google or spy on what your competition is doing, I can help.
  • If you need assistance with social marketing campaigns on the social sites, I can perform the necessary tasks to provide solid re-purposing of marketing materials and a solid stream of customers.
  • Google predicts that in 2019, users will perform more local keyword searches than ever before, users will perform more mobile searches (65% from mobile devices) than ever before and will rely on site speed, user reviews and testimonials when seeking a purchase more than ever.
  • Now is the time for local SEO branding and marketing.
  • I am a professional, reliable, intelligent, logical and patient employee with the necessary temperament to provide my services with realistic ranking objectives.  I attempt to underpromise and over-deliver on my clients’ marketing goals.


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