SEO & Digital Marketing Experience and Skills

SEO Skills and Talents

  • On Page SEO Optimization
  • Google Analytics Analysis
  • Google Webmaster Console Analysis
  • AMP Set-Up and Troubleshooting
  • Keyword & Competitor Research & Analysis
  • High Authority Link Building
  • Local SEO Citation Directory Listings
  • SEO Off Page Optimization
  • Content Marketing & Social Media Management, Scheduling & Promotion
  • Google AdWords Advertising Set-Up, Management, and Maintenance
  • Set-Up Facebook Business Pages, Twitter Accounts & LinkedIn Company Accounts

Social Marketing WhitePapers From

Top 6 Social Marketing Cheat Sheets White Sheet PDFs From Marketo

Extremely informative social marketing cheat sheets from that I’ve found very valuable.

Read through these PDFs and discover numerous ways to increase your visibility, visitor traffic and engagements.

What Is New In SEO In 2016?


Better question maybe what isn’t new. The old hacks of ranking on Google are long gone. Must have great content that brings traffic, gets them to stay on your site,look at as much of your content as possible and your website must be super-fast, https compliant and mobile-friendly.


Google is doing it’s ranking dance up down sideways and more. Is it Penguin, Panda or Core Updates happening seemingly every weekend? This is the future of SEO. Don’t develop for Google, develop for your users or loyal customers. Google will constantly change the holy algorithm throughout the day, so best strap yourself in, monitor the changes but stay focused on the core values of your own domain.


Finally, is Google+ officially a disaster?

Will more users rely on Facebook for their info and purchasing needs. is on the very of $100 Billion in revenue. People love their Prime, reviews, sales, descriptions, pictures, web services two-day free delivery, same day drone delivery and more. Can Amazon user’s find time to read a book?

People love to Tweet, but how will Twitter generate revenue? Has Pinterest jumped the shark? Is LinkedIn becoming too spammy? Whatever happened to AOL and MySpace?