What is B2B Marketing? How Can My SEO Company Grow From B2B?

B2B Marketing is basically short for Business to Business marketing.  This may involve the ,marketing of one business to another for the purpose of selling:

  • Goods of materials needed to make consumer or business products
  • Services provided by one business needed by another business in order for the end client to conduct their business or operations
  • Businesses that re-sell goods or items that will eventually be sold to an end user or consumer

Exciting right?  Well,  in terms of the size of revenue and the number of transactions, B2B far exceeds the number of B2C (Business to Consumer transactions) which leads to many more opportunities for firms to market and sell their services to businesses.  This in turn leads to a tremendous opportunity for SEO and Internet Marketing service firms to grow by targeting B2B business who have either failed in the past at e-commerce or are completely new to e-commerce and do not know where to begin.

Let’s face it, although it may be exciting to create content to sell and market an iPhone, it may not be so cool to attempt to create content that markets and  tries to convince consumers to purchase an Apple Watch.

Watching companies succeed with their marketing goals, increasing their sales and establishing their brand and social media profiles which increasing revenue is very satisfying and potentially very lucrative for both your client and yourself..

It is estimated that approximately 70% of businesses are not taking full advantage of e-commerce opportunities which means there is a huge untapped market for B2B services not only locally, but world-wide for companies to expand to the Internet to leverage their brand, increase brand awareness, increase sales and establish partnerships that could lead to tremendous growth opportunities for their companies.

On this blog I will share techniques to gain clients, establish trust, close the deal, how to SEO for B2B, how to social market for B2B, content creation for B2B, B2B FAQs, how to respond to problems or difficult situations, basically anything I can share that will increase you B2B marketing and service knowledge in order for you to provide the best services possible and maximize your own revenue stream.


Best B2B Infographics

Best B2B Infographics

Found these Infographics very informative, helpful and enlightening concerting the B2B marketplace .

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